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Texas Sex Offender Registry

Access for Criminal Justice Users

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) implemented the Sex Offender Registration Secure Web Site to allow law enforcement agencies to search, view, verify, and update sex offender registration information in a more timely and secure manner thereby increasing the accuracy of the Texas Sex Offender Registry.

After an agency enters into the User’s Agreement and an individual wanting to become a user of the Secure Site completes an application, a login ID will be issued to that user that will allow access to the Secure Web Site. The ID is unique to each user and they are responsible for all transactions accessed and information received with that ID. A file of user Id’s with the dates and times of access is maintained and can be retrieved when necessary.

The user agency and all individuals with access to the Secure Web Site must abide by all laws of the State of Texas and the United States regarding the dissemination and exchange of confidential and criminal information. DPS reserves the right to immediately suspend service to the user agency and/or an individual with access for any reason and to restrict the type and scope of data to which users will have access.